Suttle Road Material Recovery Facility

Suttle Road Material Recovery Facility - 100 Best Green Companies 2010
Wheel Barrow 4044 North Suttle Road
Portland, OR 97217
Map & Directions

Monday - Friday:   6:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday   Closed
Sunday:   Closed
All loads must be covered; uncovered loads will be charged an additional fee.

Recology Oregon Material Recovery (ROMR) - Suttle Road Facility is a fully licensed dry MRF yard (Material Recovery Facility; pronounced murf) where we accept any loads of dry waste; mixed or separated. For example, if you are cleaning out your garage or home, the waste you are removing is not needing to be separated; bring it to us and our well-trained crew will separate all recyclable material.

Suttle Road LocationTypically, mixed dry waste loads contain all or some of the following materials: mixed waste paper, metals, plastics, yard debris, wood, concrete, dry asphalt, construction and demolition wastes, land clearing debris, and/or gypsum wallboard (untreated and unpainted).

We cannot accept "wet" household garbage, or waste which is liable to decay, spoil, or become putrid.

Accepted Items
Appliances - w/o Freon or Mercury  
Concrete Clean 
Mixed Dry Waste  
Metal Ferrous 
Metal Non Ferrous 
Roofing Composition Asphalt  
Roofing Shake  
Transaction Fee  
Wood Demolition  
Yard Debris 
Yard Waste / Residential Food  
PROHIBITED MATERIALS: Wet Garbage, Food Waste, Chemicals, Commercial Refrigerants, Railroad Ties, Paint, Auto Parts/Motors, Tires Over 22.5 Inches, Hazardous Waste Including Asbestos Containing Materials
Hours, materials and prices are subject to change.
Contact us for details.